Who We Are

Who We Are

Texas is a special place. Even its shape is iconic, serving as a symbol of independence, friendship, strength, pride, risk-taking, firsts and bests. Texas’ self-styled culture is unique in ways that are respected and envied around the world.

Board of Directors

Joe Ables
Michelle Johnson
Carlton Wade

Executive Director

April Mitchell

Associate Producer

Miranda Bolton

Event Chairman

Christine Duke

Event Chairman Elect

Kelly Anthony
April Braun

Executive Advisory Board

Terry Boothe
Bill Schneider
Joe D. Sullivan

Advisory Board

Wayne Ahart
Brendon Anthony
Mitch Ballard
Charlie Bauer
Ray Benson
Clay Bradley
Jeff Burns
Keith Carmichael
Terrel Cass
Bob Cole
John Dickson
Brad Douglas
Tim Dubois
David Dunham
David Flanary
Freddy Fletcher
Rick French
Gary Hartman
Bart Herbison
Mason Hunter
Jack Ingram
Gary Keller
Amy King
Bart Knaggs
Gib Lewis
Connie Nelson
Robert Oermann
Joe Nick Patoski
Turk Pipkin
Edith Royal
Tamara Saviano
Nick Shuley
Red Steagall
Dallas Wayne
Dan Wheelus
Jody Williams
Marvin Bendele

Steering Committee

Kristin Beck
Amy Chase
Erin Coker
Bridget Dalrymple
Sally Davis
Debbie Edmundson
Kevin Edmundson
Sara Farris
Eric Felan
Kelly Fischer
Meredith Hannon
Kelly Hayden
Shelly Kanter
Amy King
Fancy Knebel
Susan Lucas
Tom Lucas
Renee Mitchell
Regina Munson
Suzanne Perez
Kim Pickrell
Cynthia Pittenger
Shauna Sitra
Suzanne Starkey
Angie Stabeno
Tricia Sullivan
Tricia Voges